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 December 11, 2016
 Retroflexus is born in Hungary in 1982 and has been creating music since 2004. In this way he can express the love about the electronic sound. He has   More »
 December 11, 2016
 Funkatron's music addiction began in 1995, when he started to enjoy electronic music, hip hop and funky music. In 1997 he joined a hip hop crew called  More »
 December 9, 2016
 Andrey Kornev vocal, lyrics, sampling, keyboards, arrangement Alexander Chaliy guitar, lyrics Aleksey Golovatiy keyboards ā€¢Sep  More »
 December 8, 2016
 Sr. Ruido was born in Mexico in 1985. From early age, he has been influenced to the music that your father listened and that his brother and sister we  More »
 December 2, 2016
 DJ Toshio is a Japanese DJ and producer of House and Techno.  More »
 December 1, 2016
 "Herotyc" is really a fine example of minimal electro. Detroit style tech house with a chilled flavor.  More »
 November 30, 2016
 Sven Laux, born 1984 in Neubrandenburg (Germany), now living in Berlin, began making music in 1998 with simple programs and his first keyboard. In 200  More »

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