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Eduardo Carbonell González, better known as EvilSound, is a young producer, 23 years old, that has been defending electronic music since 1996 with several different projects.

As contracting agent and events promoter, towards his partner and friend Angel Y2k. He starts in 1996 naming his agency "New Style" what changes later for "EvilSound Booking Agency" carring his artists to a lot of events and fests until 2004 aproximately, when the booking got dissolved. Nower days, EvilSound is working with Lukkah and Manu Bermejo (Nomadas Urbanos) to reopen the agency.

As A&R (Artist and Repertoire) Director, he worked for Kankana Records (Málaga) paving the way for various novel producers of electronic music and now also supporting national new hip-hop artists. Today he directs Evil Records.

His beginnings as a producer happen in the year 1998 by composing his first songs on a rudimentary PC. When it's time to compose he goes by several pseudonyms depending on the musical style he works on; he uses EvilSound and Dizzymen for all styles of breaks, Edward Priviledge for techbreaks, techfunk, electrohouse y house, Minimal Evil for minimal techno and minimal house, E-Sound for techouse, techno and trance and EvilSound XP for electronica, xperimental, glitch music, downtempo, trip hop, ambient... As EvilSound and Dizzymen, accounts with an extensive discography on vinyl as well as CD compilations, sharing releases with reknown international artists such as Elite Force, Future Funk Squad, Phantom Beats, Los Paranoias, Krafty Kuts, Aquasky, Masterblaster, Vandal, Deekline, Wizard, Kraymon, Dave London, EK/C83, SCAM (Krafty Kuts y Freestylers), Mark Ruff Ryder, Anthony Lydick, Eros... and national artists like DeiBeaT, Peter Paul, Nitro, Bread & Butter, SFX Beats (Rasco & Isy), Orbit Funk Sonik, Isy, Jas, Michael Noize, zAnXe, Lampy, Anuschka, DJ Fen, Ignosis (LCM! and TrackOne), DJ Killer, Baymont Bross, Muriel, Memo, JM Weinx, Pablo Weinx, Crash Capsule Crash, Jpsycobeat, Sunrise... therefore being a part of the most present-day and prestigious breakbeat panorama worldwide. His first 12" single "Imagination" was commented in best specialized publications : deejay nÂş64, danceworld nÂş53 and computer music nÂş46. His first CD album was published in 2004, EvilSound @ BreakBeat On My Mind, compposed of 13 tracks that earned a good critic in the media. In September of 2004 the 12" record Electronica EP Vol 02 (which includes EvilSound feat. Toni Ramos - That's Right) hits position number 36 of the most important electronic music chart for USA, Mexico and Canada being "Balance Record Pool" formed by top DJs in those countries which are: Andy Hughes, Brad Copeland, Cary Chang, Chris Fortier, Danny Tenaglia, Dave Cannalte, Deepsky, Dennis Roseth, D:Fuse, Gaby Dershin, Glenn Bennison, Greg Pappanastos, Ivano Bellini, Jerome Robins, Jimmy Van M, Jon Cowan, Habersham & Numinous, Jevne Miller, Jonathan Ojeda, John Creamer & Stephane K, Kazell, Kevin Shiu & Nicky Delgado, Lance Cashion, Mark Oliver, Markus Shultz, Michael Babb "deko-ze", Mike Whalen, Pankaj & Matt Edwards, Rob Lemon, Robert Oleysyck, Sandra Collins, Scott Stubbs, Sean Carnahan, Spesh, Steve Porter, Tad Forrest, Tedd Patterson, Thee-O, Tigerhook Corp, Tini Tun, Troy Roberts, Villo and Wyatt Earp. In 2006 was selected for "MTV Recruitment phase of adidas +10 football campaign", a campaign to find the music for a TV ad. As Edward Priviledge published his first 12" in 2005 with Vive Music (UK) followed by some remixes for different projects. A bit later, his single "Jazz To Me" went around the world as was included in the wallets of DJs from USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Poland and, of course, Spain. As E-Sound published in 2007 his first single "Stop, Silence!" with Super 6 Records (Germany) followed by the EP "Techouse EP" with Bump Foot (Japan). As EvilSound XP he will soon publish his first EPs. Recently, he has been involved in the hip-hop field under the name EvilSound Producciones with a series of battle records (records with samples, rhythms, scratchs, etc; for djs) and producing for artists such as El Sie7e, fuck1, Mc. JB, TKR, Fuera de Juego, Gordo601...

In the year 2003 he starts working on a old radio show called ON-SATISFAXI-ON directed by DJ Nitro which is dedicated to all genres of electronic music. Each weekend, EvilSound, was commenting on this program any interesting events and Websites related to electronic music. This program was broadcasted throughout Spain in the following provinces: Almería, Cádiz, Cantabria, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga, Murcia, Sevilla, Tenerife and through the Internet via the website:

In TV, Eduardo starts in late 2004 as contributor of the music show PLANETA MĂšSICA (Localia TV Priego CĂłrdoba) produced by Antonio Hidalgo Quesada, which is dedicated to all genres of music, being EvilSound manager of the electronic music and hip-hop show.

As a webmaster, next to his companion TheKeeper, Eduardo directs:
• (Electronic music community with 5.500 daily visits)
• (New music creation community)

EvilSound, contributed to Deejay Magazine since its 78th edition (July 2.004) for several months, doing with other artists the Deejay Top 25 Spain Club Chart.

Country: Spain

Genre:  Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica, House, Techno



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