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 August 13, 2017
 cHMa was born in Mexico in 1977. From early age cHMa always feels especially attraction for the music, when he discovered the electronic music and the  More »
 December 19, 2016
 Russian Federation
 Imba is a collective consisting of two persons - Oleg Mishanov & Alexey Tantsura. Now living in Novorossiysk, Russia. Began making music in 2006 with   More »
 December 17, 2016
 United States
 Revy was born in 1982 and grew up in rural Idaho, USA. At an early age he experimented with recording, sound synthesis, and eventually MIDI composing   More »
 December 16, 2016
 Russian Federation
 KOHBEIEP (Eugene Chebykin), born 1985 in Kurgan, Russia. "I like experimenting. With my mind, music and people. I thouroughly collect my experience, a  More »
 December 15, 2016
 Eduardo Carbonell Gonz├ílez, better known as EvilSound, is a young producer, 23 years old, that has been defending electronic music since 1996 with se  More »
 December 13, 2016
 Russian Federation
 Console is techno musician from Russia. His real name is Andrey Lebedev, he was born in 1984 in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. His music is deep, atmospher  More »
 December 12, 2016
 Russian Federation
 When you hear the sound of techno, everything inside of you fades. And here you sit immovable, and the world around you is improbable, bright and aliv  More »

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