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First of its kind EP (Tayutafu) Details   Tune(s)  

Price:  €12.99 Tune(s): 4

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The 1st release of tayutafu from Sapporo, Japan. These tracks were reconstructed from many sampling materials.

Track list :

1.wave (5:04)
2.the past memory (5:04)
3.something (5:17)
4.the same place (5:15)

Uncompromising hard techno with the banner "made in japan" on the wheelframe is already laying on the car cemetery. No shame at all. Sloe-eyed techno producers are not giving up. They are trying to flummox you with a rather more melodical/elaborate opus. Exactly the same as you would find in the catalog of Japanese Bump Foot Rec that is conducted as a sideline by radio station Radio307. Warmup circuit in colors of BF had been run by Zucchini and Tatsu, the actual release of this label is done by Tayutafu. Producer whom you can face in the streets of Sapporo and who allegedly "pasted together from plenty of sample extracted material" his four song debut for Bump Foot reminds that following up the Japanese scene still pays off.

Genre:  Ambient , Techno

Country: Japan

Artists:  Tayutafu

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